Tinospora cordifolia (Indian Tinospora)

Indian Tinospora, गिलोय Giloy, गुलांचा Gulancha, गुलबेल Gulbel

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Product Description

Gulbel is a native plant from India, also known to be found in Far East, primarily in rainforests. The plant is climbing shrub with heart-shaped leaves. It has stems about 6 cm in diameter, with light grey, papery bark. The leaves are 7.5-14 cm long, 9-17 cm broad, broadly ovate or orbicular, deeply heart shaped at the base. Tiny greenish yellow flowers occur in racemes 7-14 cm long. Flowers have 3+3 sepals in 2 layers, the outer ones are small, the inner large large. Six stamens prominently protrude out. The plant flowers during the summer and fruits during the winter. Gulbel prefers acid, neutral or basic alkaline soil. It can grow in semi-shade or no shade. Requiring moist soil. Gulbel grows easily without chemical fertilizers, and use of pesticides.

  • Features – It is a large, deciduous extensively spreading climbing shrub with several elongated twining branches. Leaves simple, alternate, estipulate, long petioles up to 15 cm long, roundish, pulvinate, both at the base and apex with the basal one longer and twisted partially and half way around. Lamina broadly ovate or ovate cordate, 10?20 cm long or 8? 15 cm broad, 7 nerved and deeply cordate at base, membranous, pubescent above, whitish tomatoes with a prominent reticulum beneath.
  • Moisture & Soil – it needs full sunlight to partial sunlight with well drained soil with medium watering at the temperature of 28 – 35 degrees Celsius with any organic fertilizer.
  • Special Character you can eat the leaves and the stems, Malabar spinach can be harvested as soon as the main stem is growing well.
  • Fruits & Flowers – Flowers are unisexual, small on separate plants and appearing when plant is leafless, greenish yellow on axillary and terminal racemes. Male flowers clustered, female usually solitary. Sepals 6, free in two series of three each, the outer ones are smaller than the inner. Petals 6 free smaller than sepals, obovate and membranous. Fruits aggregate of 1 – 3, ovoid smooth drupelets on thick stalk with sub terminal style scars, scarlet or orange coloured.
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