Pro Tray (50 Cavities)

Plastic Pro Tray, Black Pro Tray, Seed Tray, Agriculture Tray, Germination Tray


Note: The image is for reference purpose only. Please refer specifications for exact details.
Minimum 6 orders

Product Description

They are sufficient to cater for most seeds right up to the “planting out” stage. Compact little roots are formed, making transplanting simple with nearly no stress at all to the plants.

However we do recommend “planting out” before the roots become overgrown and start growing “in circles” within the cell! Made of lightweight PVC making it easy to “pop” the plants out when ready.

Tray specification are:
  • Tray cell type:- Round
  • No. of Cells per Tray:- 50
  • Tray Weight:- 130 grams
  • Material:- Plastic

Speed germination and seedling growth to produce healthy plants ready for transplant with our helpful and economical germination trays.

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