Passiflora quadrangularis ( Giant Granadilla)

Giant Granadilla, Barbadine (Trinidad), Grenadine (Haiti), Giant Tumbo or Badea

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It is a perennial native to the Neotropics, It is also grown as an ornamental. It is a vigorous, tender evergreen perennial climber with nodding red flowers, each surrounded by white and purple filaments.

  • Features – It is a believed to have been originated in South America. Now it is cultivated in tropical lowlands all over the world for its fruits and the flowers which are very ornamental. Leaves alternate, broad – ovate or oblong – ovate, 8.25 – 15 cm wide, 10 – 20 cm long, rounded or cordate at the base, abruptly pointed at the apex, sometimes toothed near the base, thin, with conspicuous veins sunken on the upper surface, prominent beneath. fresh and healthy length 45 – 60 cm, having at least two branches well established in 8′ p/bag
  • Special Characteristics- Fruit oblong – ovoid, 12 – 15 cm wide, 10 – 30 cm long, melon like, sometimes faintly ribbed or longitudinally 3 – lobed; skin thin, delicate, greenish – white to pale – or deep – yellow, often blushed with pink; flesh firm, mealy, white or pink, 2.5 – 4 cm thick, flavour very mild, and coated with a parchment – like material on the inner surface and Seeds are flattened – oval, purplish – brown, and 1.25 cm long. Its fruit is valued in the tropics as antiscorbutic and stomachic. In Brazil, the flesh is prescribed as a sedative to relieve nervous headache, asthma, diarrhoea, dysentery, neurasthenia and insomnia. The seeds contain a cardio tonic principle, are sedative, and, in large doses, narcotic. The leaf decoction is a vermifuge and is used for bathing skin afflictions. Leaf poultices are applied in liver complaints. The root is employed as an emetic, diuretic and vermifuge. Powdered and mixed with oil, it is applied as a soothing poultice.
  • Uses – It is a fast – growing, large climber growing 10 – 15 m high, coarse, herbaceous but woody at the base, arising from a fleshy root that becomes enlarged with age It has thick 4 – angled stems, thick, four 4 angles, prominently winged on the angles; tendrils 30 cm long, flanked by leaf like, ovate or ovate – lanceolate stipules 2 – 3.5 cm long, sometimes faintly toothed.
  • Flowers its flowers are solitary, fragrant, up to12 – 12.5 cm wide; calyx bell – shaped, sepals 5, greenish or reddish – green on the outside, white, pink or purple inside; petals 5, 4.5 cm long, white – and – pink; corona filaments 2 – ranked, 6 cm long, purple – and – white below, blue in the middle, and pinkish – blue above, around the typical complex of pistil, style and stigmas.
  • Moisture & soil – It grows up towards the sun in dappled shade with humus rich moisture with well drained soil and requires a temperature no lower than around 16°c.
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