Passiflora caerulea (Blue Passion Flower)

Blue Passion Flower, Blue crown Passion Flower Common Passion Flower,

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Product Description

The blue passion flower is a great screening vine for a fence, known for its large exotic flowers, crowned with prominent blue- and purple-banded filaments. It climbs by tendrils that twine & pull the stems along. It is popular with gardeners because of its intricate, scented flowers that have an almost plastic-looking appearance.

  • Features – It is native to southern Brazil and Argentina, and it is one from the most glamorous climbers with height of 10′ – 30′ and can spread 3′ – 6′ .
  • Special Characteristics – it is evergreen in tropical climates, but deciduous where winters are cool. It has been known to survive the temperature low as – 15 degree when the ground was frozen over two feet deep. while it dies to the ground during cold season, It will regrow from deep roots after even severe freezes.
  • Uses – It is a vigorous large semi – evergreen climber with twining tendrils. its foliage consists of shiny rich green leaves, palmately lobed with 5 – 7 fingers.
  • Flowers – the exotic beauty of its flowers is captivating pink – flushed, with a ring of blue, white and purple filaments. the attractive 8 cm blooms followed by egg – size deep orange fruits from late summer through fall. the fruits are edible, but not very tasty with a vague flavour reminiscent of blackberry.
  • Moisture & Soil – thrives in full sun or partial shade, and needs Chalk, Clay, Loam moist but well drained soil with medium watering and temperature of 18 to 28 degree C with any organic fertilizer.
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