Cleretum bellidiforme (Ice Plant)

Ice Plant, Livingston Daisy, Mesembs, Mesembryanthemum, बर्फ़ Burf

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  • Features: Ice plant, native to South Africa, is a small succulent ground cover which forms patches of brilliant, almost flourescent colour in spring. Ice plant is very peculiar in appearance. The plant is covered with bladder-like cells that store water. They glisten in the sun giving it an appearance of icicles, hence the common name. Older leaves redden with age, giving the plant color. It has no true petals. Instead flowers have two rings of white stamens (the male sexual organs) surrounding the female organs. The outer ring of stamens is flattened and petal-like and only the inner ring of stamens is fertile. Modified Petal-like stamens are highly unusual in seed-bearing plants.
  • Fruits & Flowers: – The flowers are single and may reach up to 5 cm across. They vary in color from white to pink and shades of orange and yellow. Today ice plant is widespread across the globe; it can be found in Australia, Asia, the Americas, Mediterranean Europe, the Atlantic Islands, and North and South America. Mesembryanthemum species are known as ice plants because of the glistening globular bladder cells covering their stems, fruit and leaves.
  • Special Characteristics:- Cleretum bellidiforme are often cultivated as ornamental plants for their showy flowers. Ornamental plants may escape into the wild and consequently has become widely naturalized outside their native range. They are considered an invasive weed in certain places. It is a genus of flowering plants in the family Aizoaceae; like many members of this family, it is characterized by long-lasting flower heads. Flowers of Mesembryanthemum protect their gametes from night-time dews or frosts but open in sunlight. There is an obvious evolutionary advantage to doing this; where sun, dew, frost, wind or predators are likely to damage exposed reproductive organs, closing may be advantageous during times when flowers are unlikely to attract pollinators. It is indigenous to southern Africa.
  • Moisture & Soil:-  Grows best in moisture retentive well drained soil in full sun shade at the temperature between 20 to 32 degree celsius with any organic fertilizers.
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