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Product Description

Bio Potash Granules is basically made from Neem-wood ash, Molasses and sea base proteins. It gives best potash in organic foam to any crop or tree. By the using of this bio potash granules the growth of any plant or tree will be very good.

Benefits of Bio Potash Granules:-
  • There is a marvelous invention in Bio Potash Granules which is natural organic fertilizer.
  • Use of this fertilizer production will increase and soil will become fruitful.
  • There is natural Potash in this product so soil’s hardness will reduce. Soil will become good and soft.
  • It is also helpful in Soil’s production strength will increase and pollution will decrease.
  • The crops, fruits, flowers,grains which are made from this fertilizer will healthy, testy and high qualitative.
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