Ficus repens (variegata)(Creeping fig)

Creeping fig \ Climbing fig


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A charming member of the Ficus group with small, slightly heart-shaped leaves. Creeping Ficus is usually grown as a houseplant, but it can also be grown outdoors in frost-free climates. Selecting a location outdoors should be done carefully. Creeping Ficus will attach itself very firmly to walls, wooden fences and the sides of houses or trees. Give it a space where its aggressive growth habit can be free to roam.

  • Features – Ficus Pumila (variegata) is an evergreen plant, It is a perennial Vine size of H: 30′ – 40′.The heart shaped leaves on the ficus pumila grow to approximatively 1 inch long and along a wiry wooden like stem. You can keep these very small in a normal sized plant pot, in a hanging basket, or a larger container where the stems and leaves can hang over the sides. If you would like to be more creative you can allow them to climb a moss stick or provide them with a home made structure they can climb.
  • Special Characteristics – It can grow steadily throughout the entire year. This vine won?t stick to tin surfaces such as colour bond?. It would need a timber, brick or concrete surface for the self – clinging pads to adhere to. If you really need to cover a metal fence or garden shed, try using a lattice arrangement attached to the structure for the vine to cling to
  • Uses – An attractive climbing plant, used extensively in both commercial and domestic gardens for its ability to cover parts of the garden where greenery is required to grow on masonry, brickwork or even timber
  • Flowers – It grows only leaves it don’t have flowers But it have two more variety that is Fiscus Pumila (minima) and Ficus Redicans (Variegated Form with Yellow & Green)
  • Moisture & Soil – It needs full sunlight can be grow seaside with regular watering with average well drained soil. with any organic fertilizers.
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