Evolvulus alsinoides (Dwarf Morning Glory)

Shankh pushpi, Dwarf Morning Glory, Slender Dwarf Morning Glory, Visnukrantha, Shyamakrantha

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It is flowering plant from the family Convolvulaceae. It has a natural pantropical distribution encompassing tropical and warm-temperate regions of Australasia, Indomalaya, Polynesia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas.[1] The species inhabits a wide range of habitats, from marshland and wet forests to deserts. A number of varieties and subspecies are recognised. It may become a weed in some situations. It is one of the plants included in Dasapushpam, the ten sacred flowers of Kerala.

  • Features:- This is a very slender, more or less branched, spreading or ascending, usually extremely hairy herb. The stems are 20 to 70 centimeters long, and not twining. The leaves, which are densely clothed with appressed, white, and silky hairs, are variable clothed, lanceolate to ovate, and usually 0.5 to 1 centimeter in length (but may be larger); the apex is blunt with a little point and the base is pointed.
  • Fruits & Flowers:- The flowers are pale blue and 6-8 mm in diameter. The fruit (capsule) is rounded, and usually contains 4 seeds. Dwarf Morning Glory is native to the South America, and is widely naturalized all over the world, including India.
  • Special Features:– The whole plant is used in the Goa territory. It is used extensively as a febrifuge and tonic. With cumin and milk it is used for fevers nervous debility, and loss of memory; also for syphilis, scrofula, etc. it is said to be a sovereign remedy for bowel complaints, especially dysentery.
  • Moisture & Soil:- It prefers full sunlight to partial with medium watering at normal temperature with any organic fertilizers. The plant germinates at the beginning of the rainy season, and starts flowering after 8 weeks.
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