Bougainvillea (Dr. Rao)

Bougainvillea, Cherei ,Booganbel

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  • Features:An evergreen shrubby vine, Bougainvillea is popular for its long-lasting, colorful flower bracts which appear periodically throughout most of the year but are especially plentiful in winter and spring.
  • Soil & Moisture:Bougainvilleas love hot, dry, sunny spaces and they seem to perform better when slightly neglected, so don t be to attentive to your plant and it should thrive. Water thoroughly and then allow the top inch or two of soil to dry out before you water again. The easiest way to test the soil moisture content is to stick your finger into it.
  • Special Characters: The bracts are thick, bicoloured and are a rich magenta-red and white in colour.  The emerging bracts have a distinct gold colouring. anthrive hard pruning. 
  • Flower & Fruit:Flowers arise in leaf axils, in clusters of threes, each flower with a purple, red, pink, or orange bract beneath, up to 3-4 cm long. Sepal cup is tubular with 5 sepals, up to 2 cm long, tube the same color as the bracts, with white sepals, 3 mm long. Real petals are absent. Fruit is an achene, elongate, 5-ribbed.Variety in which flowers are white in colour.
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