About Us

Pioneer Horticulturist Pvt. Ltd. is a first-rate service provider of horticultural services, specialising in supply of all kinds of plant materials, seeds, garden pots, flower decoration, holistic landscape architecture and quality landscape gardening. The company undertakes to develop and maintain a whole variety of horticultural works including gardens as also beautification of outer spaces as per the client’s budget, choice and potential of the site.

Some of the specialised activities undertaken by the Company are as follows:

  • Supply of good quality plant materials, trees, shrubs, climbers, indoor plants etc.
  • Supply of cut flowers and flower arrangements in flower vases
  • Beautification of offices, hotels & factory premises
  • Beautification of residential colonies
  • Beautification of resorts & parks
  • Development of farm houses, city forests & playgrounds
  • Tree plantation on road sides
  • Floral decoration on any given sites

Company’s Empanelment

The company has empanelment with the following:

1. CPWD, New Delhi (Horticulture category)
2. CPWD, New Delhi (Nursery Category)

Technical manpower:
The company is managed by a competent Board of Directors,
experienced horticulture specialists & consultants. It has on its rolls a team of well-qualified, competent and experienced workers to perform all kinds of horticulture activities and other development and maintenance works efficiently.

Our expertise

The company has expertise to set up a number of specialized gardens as listed below:
Herb Garden, Bog Garden, Sunken Garden, Topiary Garden, Water Garden, Rock Garden, Roof Garden, Fruit Garden, Moon Garden, Paved Garden, Kitchen Garden, Botanical Garden, and Medicinal Garden.

The company has its own nursery spreading over 10 acres of land to propagate and raise quality plant materials. We have all the necessary infrastructure required for development and maintenance of horticultural works of different categories and designs.

Board of Directors:

Company is managed by competent Board of Directors:


Mrs Snehlata Tomar

  • MD, Pioneer Horticulturist Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs Kamla Devi


Project value: Rs. 1,12,93,348.00

Project description:-  Up gradation of Horticulture & landscaping work along CC road & service road from gate no. 1 to four lane road with one year maintenance at IA Tronica city Ghaziabad (Group-A)

Project value: Rs. 1,23,49,488.00

Project description:- Up gradation of Horticulture & landscaping work along CC road & service road from gate no. 1 to four lane road with one year maintenance at IA Tronica city Ghaziabad (Group-B)

Project value: Rs. 1,70,65,339.00

Project description:- Up gradation & Maintenance
of park by lands aping planting of trees shrubs and grossing at IA Masuri Gulawati Road Distt.

Project value: Rs. 1,45,30,325.00

Project description:- D/o Hort. Work circular
road IA Trams Delhi Signature City Ghaziabad

Project value: Rs. 1,70,48,553.00

Project description:- D/O hort. & landscaping work
on roads with maintenance at IA Kursi road , Barabanki, lacknow

Project value: Rs. 8,96,400.00

Project description:- Preparation and maintenance
of Mugual Garden at Rastrapati Bhavan New Delhi

Project value: Rs. 16,73,280.00

Project description:- M/O of garden feature attached to
auditorium R.B. culture centre /rock garden /Children park,
Nature trail &Ganga apartment , schedule B New Delhi dg. 2015-16


Project value: Rs. 1,43,33,249.64

Project description:- Tender for 2 year maintenance of existing
Horticulture work along CC road at IA Trans Delhi signature city.
SH- Complete maintenance of horticulture work.

Project value: Rs. 82,08,455.00

Project description:- M/o Providing Horticulture. Services in Delhi Technological University(DTU).SH- Maintenance of Hort. Work..

Project value: Rs. 35,82,151.00

Project description:- M/o Garden area attached to Gandhi to darshan Rajghat. SH- C/o maintenance of prestigious garden.

Project value: Rs. 23,59,520.00

Project description:- M/o Garden area attached to different memorials sub division no. 4, CPWD, New Delhi Dg-2017-18, SH- Complete maintenance of garden features

Project value: Rs. 28,15,285.00

Project description:- M/o Garden area attached to parliament house library building under hort. sub division-I/II New Delhi 2017-18 , SH- Maintenance of potted plants in earthen pots at PM House

Project value: Rs. 25,41,201.00

Project description:- M/o GOB’S Bungalows under Sub-Div.-I/HD-1 CPWD, New Delhi. SH- Complete maintenance of hort.

Project value: Rs. 28,16,352.00

Project description:- M/o Garden area attached to parliament house under hort. Sub-I/111, New Delhi dg-2017-18 SH- M/o potted in earthen pots at parliament house

Project value: Rs. 16,42,725.00

Project description:- M/o garden areas & others horticulture features at pragati maidan, new delhi. SH- Complete maintenance of work.

Project value: Rs. 14,05,810.00

Project description:- M/o Maintenance millennium (inderprashta) park along ring road at sarai kale khan zone IV & V SH- Complete maintenance of lawn and clearing / sweeping etc. at site

Project value: Rs. 15,93,027.00

Project description:- M/o Hort. Works at CSMRS , New Delhidg.2017 -18, SH- Complete maintenance of garden

Project value: Rs. 16,53,392.00

Project description:- M/o Diff. Hort. Work at Delhi sachivalaya under I HSD East, HD PWD GNCID, Delhi (PWD M – 214). SH- Maintenance of potted plants